The Fastest Game on Two Feet!

Boys youth lacrosse is played by two teams with 10 players per side on the field.  Depending on a youth league's format, the game could be played with as few as seven players per side.


The game includes player positions for offense, defense, midfield (midi), and goalie.  


The object of the game is to move the solid rubber ball down the field  towards  the  opponent's goal,

passing it to players using only a stick with a net on the end to catch the ball, and finally throwing the ball into the goal to score one point.  

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The Lacrosse Field

Below is a diagram of a typical lacrosse field.  Imagine your team has the left side of the field -- they would be focused on scoring in the goal on the 

right side of the field (and vice versa).  The 9-foot circular area is called the "crease" and contains a 6x6' goal. Only the goalie is allowed in this circle.

Source:  US Lacrosse