Since 2013, The Yorba Linda Lacrosse Academies, YL Stangs Club teams have been a premier youth club organization for all of North Orange County boys in 4th - 8th grade. The YL Stangs club teams are a great way to learn every aspect of this electrifying sport and develop the skills and passion to carry your young player into high school.


Since 2013 the YL Stangs Boys Lacrosse Club teams have quickly become established in Orange County Lacrosse, winning 8 OCLA championships.

Welcome to YL Stangs Club Lacrosse

Congratulations to the YL Stangs 7th Grade 

OCLA   2018-19   A Division   Winter CHAMPION

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Southern California's fastest growing team sport is LACROSSE: a high energy,


fast-paced game with a history and tradition over 400 years in the making!